My name is Kerem Erdoğan

Business Analyst & Project Manager

  • Specialization BiPRO & Navision 2013-2018
  • Address Bietigheim-Bissingen / Germany
  • E-Mail k.erdogan@gmail.com
  • LinkedIn linkedin.com/in/kerem-erdogan
  • Mobile/WhatsApp 0171 33 11 323
  • Skills Business Analyst, Strategic Communication, Project Management, Product Owner, Scrum Master

Hello! My name is Kerem Erdogan. As an experienced Business Analyst and Project Manager, I bring comprehensive expertise in the areas of BiPRO, Microsoft Navision 2013, 2016, and 2018. My professional journey is characterized by profound experience in all phases of ERP system implementation. Throughout numerous projects, I have gained valuable knowledge in requirement and business analysis.

A new and exciting area I have delved into is BiPRO. The primary goal of BiPRO is to define uniform standards for processes that take place across company boundaries.

In addition to my technical know-how, I act as a Product Owner and serve as a liaison between stakeholders and the development team. Another significant aspect of my work is the coordination and supervision of external service providers. This team consists of software developers, external project managers, and IT experts. Together, we aim to find and implement optimal solutions for our projects.

Knowledge & Skills

Analytical thinking
Communication skills
Digital competence
Project management
Systematic thinking
Solution design

Certificates / Advanced Training


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Management, leadership, methods and collaboration

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